A Note about our American Education Celebration

Dear Edgewood Elementary School Parents/Guardians,

Once again, we will be hosting an American Education Celebration.  We hope that you are making plans to join your child/children as we celebrate the promise of public education at Edgewood Elementary School.  We have designated the following days as “Focus Days” for classroom visitations, and we welcome and encourage you to visit your child’s classroom.      

Monday, November 12 - Grandparents’/ Senior Citizens Day - All Grades

Tuesday, November 13 - Grades PreK, K, 2, 4

Wednesday, November 14 - Grades 1, 3, 5

In an effort to keep our buildings safe and secure while we enjoy
our many visitors, we ask that you pre-register for your visit by providing a list
of approved visitors for your child

A list will be generated and will be available upon check-in at our building. This process will allow us to provide security and to facilitate the check-in process in an expedient manner in order to allow you more time to visit with your child.


Please complete the registration form, posted here, and return it to school no later than Friday, November 9, 2018.  Registered guests should include anyone you wish to visit your child’s classroom. 

We have been planning for your visit and have taken some steps to make it more convenient and enjoyable. When you enter the main lobby of the school, you will see a Visitor’s Table manned by a staff member. Please stop to show photo identification, put on a visitor’s badge, and get any assistance that you may need in finding your child. Once at your child’s classroom, your child will be excited to have you in his/her “workplace” and, while we strive to make visitation days a “learning as usual” affair, we expect a higher overall energy level as the children express this excitement.  We also ask that you visit only your child’s classroom.

Please help us to accommodate the many visitors that we expect by adhering to the following guidelines:

LUNCH HOUR VISITATION: Visitors will not be permitted in the cafeteria during students’ lunchtime. During this high volume visitation time, we simply do not have the space to accommodate both students and visitors. Since we are unable to accommodate all adults at lunch, we ask for your cooperation in scheduling your visit around the designated lunch hours.
NO CELL PHONES: We ask that cell phones be turned off and out of sight while in the building.In addition, photographs should not be taken out of respect for the privacy of our other students.
NO FOOD OR DRINK: In order to keep our building clean and to minimize distraction, please do not bring food or drink into the classroom or in the hallways.
REFRAIN FROM BRINGING NON-SCHOOL-AGED CHILDREN:  We aim to maintain the focus of the visit on our school-aged children and watch them shine in the classroom.
SIGN-OUT PROCESS: If you choose to take your child home with you at the end of the day, your child will be called to meet you in the office where you will be asked to sign him/her out. If you plan for your child to go home with an adult other than the parent/guardian, please write a note to your child’s teacher that states who will take your child home.

We feel confident that you will leave our school energized by the excitement that our students bring to their learning and impressed by the many competencies that they demonstrate each day. Thank you for supporting your child’s education and our school. We are looking forward to seeing you in November.



Cynthia L. Ross



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